About tw33k

Tw33k (pronounced "tweak") is a video game of logic, problem solving, and computer programming. You design your own robot and then use it to navigate mazes, solve puzzles, and battle in arenas against other robots. Remote control your robot or write programs that drive it for you. Use an intuitive graphical interface to build simple control programs, or interface your robot to a variety of popular programming and scripting languages.

With Tw33k, our goal is to recreate the fun and sense of discovery we enjoyed when we were young and first exploring computers. We are building it using modern 3D technology, but with an eye toward capturing the wonder and feeling of hidden potential that first drew us to those early computers. In Tw33k, you will not just routinely battle your way through predesigned level after level. Instead, you must use your imagination and creativity to solve puzzles and conquer challenges, and the possible solutions will be as varied as the people who play. Game play will involve collecting the components, both hardware and software, needed to improve your robot and outfit it for increasingly complex challenges. Along the way, the player will learn and use the foundational skills that computer science is based on. Tw33k casts aside the old model of text editor based programming, and presents these logical puzzles in an engaging way that is far more game than grind.

Free Educator's Edition

While Tw33k is intended to be a game first and foremost played just for the fun of it, the nature of its gameplay will have an undeniable educational potential. We plan to enhance that quality with a special educators edition of the game. It will have altered age-apropriate content as well as an expanded interface allowing standard software development tools and languages to be used when solving the game challenges. We could never have gotten to where we are today, and would have no hope of taking on a project like this, without the inspiration and guidance of the teachers that set us on the path. With that in mind, the educational version will be available for FREE to all schools and teachers, including parents home-schooling their children. If you are an educator or parent interested in receiving a free copy of tw33k, follow our progress, or (best of all) provide input into the direction of the project, consider joining the Tw33k Community.

Cube 2

We've decided to use the open source Cube 2 engine as the foundation for our game. The goals of Cube 2 align nicely with ours. It is not the flashiest 3D engine out there, but it runs well and looks nice even on modest hardware, opening the game up to a wider pool of people. It allows us to easily target Windows, Macintosh, and Linux, and its open source nature leaves open the potential for porting to other platforms as well. Best of all, the in-game editing features works well with our goal of making Tw33k a game where the experience is shaped heavily by the creativity of the player. As we work with the Cube engine, we plan to release enhancments back to the open source community. This includes our planned porting of Cube 2 to Android, enabling us to release Tw33k on a variety of mobile and tablet systems as well as the upcoming OUYA game console.

How You Can Help

To us here at GLACI, Tw33k is about more than just building a fun game, its about building our ability to make a lot of fun games. Tw33k is our entry into the professional game development world, and we hope the tools and experiences we develop will lay the groundwork for many more fun projects... but since we are just starting out, we need your help. We need your stories and your feedback. We want to hear from you about your early computer experiences, about the first game that really captured your imagination and what made it great. Most of all, we need your help in spreading the word about Tw33k. Mention it to your friends via email, facebook, twitter, etc. You can use the widgets below to help us promote this project.

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